At The Cutting Edge of
RISC-V Verification

We have verified the processors at the heart of
the RISC-V revolution!

Rapid Team Deployment Reducing Time-to-Market

We have rapidly deployed teams with experience across innovative verification tools and methodologies.

Reducing Management Overheads

Our experienced technical program managers work closely with your engineering teams, remotely, or on-location throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

Design Verification
Design Verification of complex SoC’s require deep design knowledge, hand-on tool expertise and state-of-the-art DV flows. Lampro Mellon verification experts help meet customer coverage metrics (line, interface toggle, functional) and overall verification goals
Physical Design
Advanced SoC’s at smaller technology nodes are challenging from an implementation standpoint, harder to converge, meet PPA targets while meeting tight project schedules. Lampro Mellon’s physical designers ensure faster design closure while meeting aggressive PPA goals.
Front End Design
Today’s advanced SoCs have unique design requirements, from aggressive performance, low power, smaller area requirements, etc. Lampro Mellon experts deliver optimized RTL, ideal for meeting PPA goals faster using industry-standard EDA tools.
Sign Off
SoC design signoff with tens of modes, corners, thousands of
design rules, other design constraints, and stringent foundry requirements are extremely challenging. Lampro Mellon signoff experts with years of experience working with foundries enable faster signoff closure, minimize design changes, and ensure the faster path to tape out and Silicon.